Hey there ! My name is Vicze Francisc-Norbert ,

the man behind Grafixity

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Grafixity is the place where good things and great ideas come togheter to form the perfect balance in services provided for clients.For me it’s the place that takes all worries away,where I can hide and be the best possible version of myself.It was born out of the necessity of having an awesome reliable and always striving graphic design studio, that will always manufacture mindblowing products by putting quality above all else.



The path that led me to this place and time was an interesting one.One that I would re-live at any given time all over again. Filled with fun moments, awesome clients, great projects and above all else friends and family.

My envolvment with the world of design started out 4 years ago as more of a joke at first, rather than something serious. A joke which at first glance didn’t realy seem much more than a joke, but as it turns out  5 years, 2900 cups of coffee and a lot of sleepless nights later I can pretty much say that design saved me from a boring life and it has become one of my favorite things,ever.It's not only a job but a hobby as well.I think that everyone here can agree that if you find that something that you love doing and you can make a living out of it, it's pretty much a dream come true.





    As a designer I specialize in branding , print design and entry level web design. But I’m always striving and giving my personal best to learn new and awesome things.Started working on small branding solutions, logo concepts, logo redesigns then went on to doing all kinds of printing materials such as event flyers, posters, brochures, illustrations and so on.Then, I started by doing a bit more complex things as complete brand identity designs, web design in 2014 and since than the ride so far has been a blast. I honestly can't decide between print or web design, both represent a continous challenge and I love alternating them on a regular basis.


    Now a few words about what makes me well... me : I’m a Hungarian born in Romania, currently living in Aalborg, Denmark.In my free time I’m usualy outside as I  love nature, from the mountains to the sea everything.I love biking around the city and discovering new and kewl places.My second big passion are cars: old, vintage and retro cars & the vintage car culture.I love the mechanical things, the intricacies of how things work and how I can make them work even better.So when I’m not inside the house sketching and talking about design stuff I’m usualy jabbering about cars and roadtrips.


Among other things  these are the crafts I am good at


If you are still around here you might as well check out the services I can provide





    Logo design

    Business Cards

    Letterhead & Envelope

    Facebook & Twitter cover


    Flyer & Poster


    Statioanary Pack

    Ad Banners


    Web pages




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